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A.E.Y.L. youth and teen (ages 12-18) members are offered a life-long support of mentor-ship from positive role-models; the organization has extended leadership establishments in Texas, Arkansas and Uganda, Africa. The teen leadership is open to ALL from various backgrounds; to join as an alliance to build sister/brotherhoods.

Academic Focus

An opportunity to realign and expand youth and teens mindset to understand the importance of setting goals for the future through education guidance, academic development, college and career readiness strategies and planning; with the emphasis of educational triumph, stability in careers, and financial management.

Community Engagement

Instilling the skills and behavior needed to succeed as a member of society, by strengthening youth and teens’ social, emotional and intellectual foundations. This empowers youth and teens to positively interact within their community to make decisions and to implement and manage change.

Experience a Youth Movement Like No Other

Since its beginnings, the Alliance of Elite Youth Leadership strives to create a solid foundation for today’s young men and women. The Core ‘4’ Programs: Mentoring, Academics, Athletics and Community Service, provide stepping stones for our members. Each step designed to foster self-confidence and a sense of pride through individual and group accomplishments. Our Leadership Team and volunteer mentors are committed to the opportunities and success of the young men and women to provide guidance and an atmosphere where young men and women can speak out without judgment and without worry. The Alliance of Elite Youth Leadership, working for the success of our young men and women, our community and our future.

~To Be A Great Leader, You Must Learn To Follow~